Monday, February 27, 2017

Tired, stale politics.

Jacinda Adern wins the Mt Albert by-election with a landslide. Surprise, surprise. Whilst Adern is one of the few Labour politicians that I still have a modicum of hope for (there's really not very many left), I think the landslide nature of the win is unfortunate. Not in the least surprising, but unfortunate.

In the longer term it reinforces the notion that for an MP to aspire to leadership roles, an electorate seat is required. It's one of those annoying hangovers from FPP politics that still hasn't gone a away, like the party with the largest share should automatically get to form the government even if it's less that 50%. Or that not running a candidate in a particular seat so as to not split a vote and let an allied party gin the seat is somehow underhanded rather than y'know, basically common sense. Holding an electorate seat can make elections less risky for a politician. That's not a good thing though. If you're an under performing MP, you should get the boot regardless of whether you're on the list or holding an electorate.

In the nearer term, I can see it being spun, by Labour at least, as a vindication of the current state of Labour. Which is depressing. The recent acquisition of rape apologist Willie Roast Busters Jackson* to Labours ranks suggests to me, that it's a party without ideas, with no ability to look forward.  it suggests a party that doesn't think it has anyone worthwhile coming up in the ranks, so that it has to go back to the same old tired politicians that have fucked up in the past. A by-election in a safe seat shouldn't have been used as a reward for long-service or pander to those who think an electorate seat MP is more valuable, more worthy than a list MP. It should have been used to showcase some new talent the party thought was worthwhile. Instead, as worthwhile as Adern may be, we get stuck with the same ol' same ol.

*yeah, he apologized, but seriously, do you really want someone who's dense and out of touch enough that they'd make victim blaming comments in the first place? 


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