Monday, February 22, 2016

The music doesn't speak to me.

Whenever a famous musician dies - the most recent being David Bowie, we are immediately inundated with media written by people who have been touched by their music. Their music was some ethereal thing that made them see the world differently or re-evaluate their lives. It was a thing that changed them. It was the thing that got them through their teenage years. It was a huge influence when they first started "really" listening to music.

And it's not just in the media. It's in my friends. They're varying levels of distraught and nostalgic about this thing that was such a big influence.

I almost dread musicians dying. If only because the distress and the nostalgia make me feel ... out of place. Sure, there's music that I love. There's music that I reminisce over, that reminds me of the past. Never though, has a musician or a band had such an influence that I would be genuinely distraught over their loss.

Music apparently just doesn't speak to me in the same way that appears to speak to others.

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