Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thoughts for the day.

It's been a good day. Technically, my knees are still working after being treated to a superb dinner at a strangers house (friend of a friend I've never met before, I was delivering parcels, wine was exchanged in large quantities). Another drink or two though and I would have been seriously wobbling one the way back to the hotel.maybe being up this late will cure the jet-lag. Fingers crossed.

The talks at ICSB were almost all interesting. Which is not to say that the few that weren't were bad talks, just sufficiently outside my area of interest so as to me unable to hold my attention. Which is to be expected.

There were a couple of people that I semi-ran into in the foyer who I would very much have liked to have sat down and chatted do, which circumstances did not permit me to do so. Again, not to worry, with any luck I'll be able to find them tomorrow.

The big thought for the day though is that while the talks were interesting, they weren't, generally speaking, what I would call systems biology. They might well have used various aspects of systems biology to come to the conclusions that they did, but in primarily presenting their conclusions, it felt to me like it was more of a molecular biology conference. The talks weren't, for the most part, systems biology as I understand the term.
I may very well be wrong about this, it might very well just be the selection of talks that I have seen. Or it might very well be that my perception of the field is somewhat distorted having come from a somewhere without a strong systems biology community. As it stands though, the first full day of talks was interesting but not what I'd been hoping for. Some of the talk titles in later sessions indicate that we may very well be in for more systems focused talks though which would be a good thing.

And now, to bed. Before I fall asleep at the keyboard. Naughty friends of friends, feeding me and taking me to bars with beers called spymaster and evil twin hipster.

Night all.

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