Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just in case.

This has been out since yesterday and should hopefully have been seen by everyone who's going to vote in the Auckland local body elections. Just in case you haven't though, go here. It's a scorecard for the candidates for Mayor and Auckland Councillors. Sadly it doesn't go down to the level of community boards, but that would have been a huge task. we should be grateful to the folks of Generation Zero for even this.

For the record, I tend to pretty much agree with the political outlook of Generation Zero in as much as I think intensification, transport, sustainability, climate change and the like are all important, things that our politicians should at least have some form of plan for.

I'm told by the one person I know with the gumption to stand in the local body elections that Peter Haynes responses didn't do justice to his actual positions - i.e. that his ideas align more towards the Generation Zero ideals than would otherwise be indicated with his grade.

The one ranking on this that surprised me was that of Penny Bright in the Mayoral contest. I don't know much of her apart from the fact that she is an activist, generally speaking, on the left of the political spectrum. I can only presume that she didn't think Generation Zero were sufficiently important to respond properly to. Quite surprised.

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