Monday, April 22, 2013

You call that an argument.

Worst argument against the Labour/Green energy sector reform goes to Colin Espiner:
"It's a long time since the Max Bradford power reforms of the early 90s. I remember them well - I covered them as a young reporter. There's little doubt turning electricity into a private commodity and setting up an electricity marketplace has led to higher power prices for residential consumers. And also lower prices for industry.
The reforms did make the whole industry much more complicated and possibly didn't work as intended. But that doesn't mean unpicking them is either desirable or even possible without creating far more upheaval than it's worth. "
In other words, the power industry has had a free ride for the past couple of decade and we're about to hand a decent chunk of that easy money to private investors. We shouldn't try to fix the imbalance because it's really really hard.

Since when has it been written that politicians are only allowed to tackle the easy problems?

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