Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sorry, what?

I have to admit to being taken somewhat by surprise. This, at a casual glance appears to be actual policy coming out of Labour. Yes, it's coming from the Green's as well, but that's not surprising, they've had actual policy policies for quite sometime.

The idea of a central buyer works for the pharmaceuticals industry - or rather, it works for us in curbing some of the excesses of the pharmaceutical industry. It's not perfect, but it's significantly  better than any alternative that I'm aware of. It'll be interesting to see how the idea of a central purchaser works for the electricity industry stands up to the economists and the pseudo-economist blogoshpere.

Another one or two of these and I might actually begin to consider the possibility that Labour could conceivably,at some point in the future, maybe get their shit together.


  1. Imagine if when Shearer said he was going to do something in vague terms last week, he'd instead said, we will be announcing firm policy next week that will keep power prices down... he wouldn't have looked like he was opening his mouth with nothing to say, and he would have primed the pump so that everyone was hanging on to find out what the policy was. As it is, this seemed to come out of the blue.

    Yes, he'd signalled it, but in such vague terms that everyone assumed he had nothing of importance to say.

  2. I believe the signal was sufficiently vague that I missed it completely.