Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Withholding judgement

There's a new bar in Kingsland opening shortly. I find it sad that my first reaction to a new business in the area is to deadpan a completely unenthusiastic "oh yay". There's a certain amount of me being a snob in that reaction. There's also a large chunk of not being able to get excited by the same old things being trotted out as new and "cool".
Kingsland already has several bars. A couple of them are even pleasant places to hang out. Which is good. What I'm going to grump about is the beer.  We already have a large Monteiths bar and a large Macs bar. Which is Lion and DB taken care of. One of the smaller bars - the Portland Public House has a few decent brews in bottles but all their taps are taken by Monteiths beers.

So when this latest bar started being put together I was quietly hopeful in a cross my fingers and close my eyes really really tight kind of way. It looks like a nice place inside and it adds another sunny courtyard to Kingsland. There's lots of nice places and sunny courtyards in Kingsland already though. What I was really hoping for was some good beer - preferably on tap. not relying on the big breweries is not an impossible business model - Galbraiths have been doing it for years, Golden Dawn has been serving good (Hallertau) beer on tap for years now and O'Carrols in Vulcan Lane has so much good beer being served on tap that I can quite happily dither for several minutes whilst trying to decide what to drink.

My hopes have not completely died but they've at least taken a severe beating and are on their way to the emergency room. Walking past yesterday afternoon I see the new bar, Citizen Park being stocked. Couldn't see what beer was going on the taps, but the sun umbrellas in the courtyard ... Heineken. [deadpan]oh yay[/deadpan]. Same old, same old. Still, one must withhold judgement- the possibility of good beer* being served alongside the horrid stuff is still there. Fingers back to being crossed ... ow.

*For the record, Moa is good beer, but I hope this doesn't come in - it's marketed, in my opinion, by wankers, for wankers, not something I particularly want to support.

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