Friday, February 22, 2013


This little snippet :
2.  When someone points out that you’ve totally innocently slipped up and thus contributed to [problem], saying “oh shit, you’re right.  I’ll work on that.”  No one necessarily expects you to be perfect, because this shit is internalized and subconscious, right?

comes from a QoT post. The post itself is a oft repeated (not by QoT, by many people) about how to be an actual ally to a cause. I'd just like to note though, that this one paragraph can be useful for life in general. Compared to many (most?) my life is pretty damned easy. And good. Which means that sometimes I get caught up in my own little problems and fail to take sufficient heed of others. Having someone to point out when you're being a bit of dick is very, very good thing.

One of the (numerous) ways that I consider myself lucky, is that my two closest friends at least are willing to tell me to rein myself in a bit when I'm being ... oblivious, is probably a good word. On the off chance that you have friends like this, treasure them, you're bloody lucky.

That's all.
Carry on.

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