Monday, December 3, 2012

Tired but optimistic.

It's been a hellish couple of weeks. By which I mean very, very busy. Long days at work, extra shifts at the 2nd job, a party to organize, tomorrows nerdnite to organize (it's all about beer), a new flatmate to find, a landlord to coral, shipping my RNA samples to Korea for sequencing, that sort of thing. Mostly self inflicted I'll admit, but hellish nonetheless.

So it was nice to walk into the office this morning, glance over the news feed and almost immediately spot three pieces that made me feel all relaxed and optimistic about the world. It won't last and they're all quite different so I'm going to drag them out over the week.

I had an English flatmate once, odd girl. She was doing biology at university, which is a fairly diverse school. We found out sometime after she moved in that she really couldn't stand "all those asians taking the good marks". In other words, racist. Very, very racist. I find racism an odd thing at the best of times. Most of the time, apart from it being unbelievably stupid in the first place, I just don't see how people who are racist operate in the world today. Even more so, given it's very international nature, scientists.
I continue to hope that with the drive that I believe most scientists share (finding shit out is awesome, in the original sense of the word, i.e. awe inspiring) that differences in race or gender and the like wouldn't actually matter - only the finding stuff out would matter. It's not always the case, science is done by human beings and as I'm sure you're aware, much has been said on the nature of human beings being perfect.

Sometimes however, humans are good. Sesame is a project that is being put together in Jordan in the middle east. It has scientists from all over the region, from Turkey, Pakistan, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran and Israel. There's a whole bunch of countries of countries in there that have a fairly significant history of hating the crap out of each other. And here's a bunch of them sitting in the same room, not worrying about where they all came from and getting busy finding stuff out.

Provisional warm fuzzies for the day everyone.

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