Monday, December 17, 2012

Still small. Very small.

It's nice to be reminded that we're quite small in scheme of things, even when we're talking on the relatively small scale of our planet.

The Hurricane Research Division of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (their version of our NIWA)  actually has a dedicated page spelling out why exploding a nuclear bomb in the eye of hurricane so as to stop it wouldn't work. Though I'm having a hard enough time entertaining the notion that this is a sufficiently frequently asked question so as to warrant a dedicated page. The short of it being that we don't have a nuke anywhere where capable of even disturbing a hurricane - the total mechanical energy generated by the human race might have a shot at disturbing a single hurricane if it wasn't to big.  In other words, compared to nature, we are still, very, very small.

Apart from it not working it ignores the whole it being a terrible idea in the first place thing - large amounts of radioactive waste anyone?

One of the lines that is often trotted out with regards to climate change is that we're killing the planet. This I think, is a reminder that we're not killing the planet, the planet will tick along quite nicely without us. We're just stacking the deck against ourselves.

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