Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A balancing act.

There's been a series of posts about housing, employment and liveability the Auckland Transport Blog recently that have made interesting reading. If for no other reason than that it demonstrates the problems that the much maligned planners of Auckland City are trying to deal with.

The intensification of employment in certain areas in other cities appears to be a key driver of economic growth - a good argument is made for this. In our case, intensification is happening in several places, most notably the CBD. We're going to have problems getting everyone to work pretty soon if we want to grow it though. So transport has to be incorporated into the equation. There's two ends of any journey which brings housing into the equation. The council gets bagged regularly - often it deserves it, but I do think it's an incredibly hard job, balancing just those three facets of the community.

And I have to say that it's thoroughly refreshing to see commentators not treating Aucklanders (and New Zealanders as one amorphous mass - note the warnings against generalizations in the housing posts where it is noted that not all  New Zealanders want to buy a house.

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