Thursday, November 8, 2012

Life is ... not bad.

There are some who would take that as a pessimistic statement. It is sincerely not. There is something quite nice, almost relaxing about sitting down with your workmates at 1 in the morning in a bar after a 7 hour shift with a beer and a whisky.
This is after having the best of the Nerdnite's so far yesterday evening, a moderately productive day at work despite an hour or two spent clicking refresh on the American elections results (waves fist angrily at Florida for being so bloody contrary). And the knowledge that I don't have to get up first thing tomorrow, that I can head out to my weekly coffee tasting before getting to spend another day doing some solid science (as well as some writing - it's not all fun and games) and a games evening with the lads tomorrow to look forward to.

My life is not perfect. Compared with many though, I have no cause to complain. And sitting down at the end of a good night behind the bar with a beer and a whisky - puts life into perspective. Mine is most definitely  not a bad one.

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