Wednesday, November 21, 2012

An odd thing.

Writing is an odd thing. I don't dislike it. When you get on a roll for a couple of hours it can be quite rewarding. It's hard though or rather, consuming. I have been finding that trying to write one thing, in this case, the literature review for my PhD's provisional year reports tends to make a lot of everything else fall by the wayside.

The whole Labour leadership debacle? Can't be arsed. Something interesting come through the science feeds, can't be bothered. Even the news that the Mars exploration teams at NASA have big news coming up in the next week or so barely raised any idle speculation from me. Which is annoying, I recall rather liking being interested by the many and varied things that float past me of an afternoon.

It's least rewarding though, would have to be spending an afternoon sitting, looking at what you've written and not having the foggiest where to start editing.

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