Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Well that's just ....

I'm not sure how to sum all this up. Farce possibly?
The source of the MSD vulnerability turns out to be Ira Bailey. Source has previously been arrested on terrorism charges.
Keith Ng releases information on said vulnerability exposing gaping hole in MSD's security.
New Zealand National Cyber Security Council is strangely ... quiet.
New Zealand National Cyber Security Coulncil turns out to be part of the GCSB.
GCSB part of the bollocks, over the top raid on Kim Dotcom, a raid which was more suited to taking down an actual terrorist.
Dotcom upon whom the GCSB was eavesdropping had made donations to John Banks.
Current PM refused to read police report that incriminates Banks.
GCSB which PM is responsible for, fails to communicate said PM.


*update: Read Scott Yorke's assessment, he says it much more eloquently than I.

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