Sunday, October 14, 2012

The end of a beer

Or at least I hope so. On Friday afternoon I was rather taken with the #momentsofmanhood tag on twitter. It accompanied tweets which were taking the piss out of the prospectus issued by Moa  beer last week. And quite frankly, it deserved it. The IPO/prospectus that it, the beer, when I've drunk it in the past has been good. Overpriced, but good.

The most obvious failing was the complete dismissal of women. As potential investors, as part of the beer drinking community*, as people really. That's bad enough on it's own, something that is enough to make me object to the whole venture on its own. The subtext that I'm going to personally take offence at though is the idea that it's built around the presumption that I, as a guy, am going to think this bleak dismissal of women is something that I would support. Moments of manhood my arse. If there's anything antithetical to my conception of manhood, it's the empty-ness and isolation that things like this embody.  For the record, Hayden Green's piece on this is well worth reading. Even better is Emma Hart's piece (short version - even if the were going for a dom/sub vibe with the silly human ash tray stands, they fucked it up).

This is pretty much a straw that breaks the proverbial camels back. I love the rising craft beer scene in New Zealand and I will continue to support it. I'll drink Heineken or Beck's when  it's free, they lack flavor. They are inoffensive. At best. Steinlager and Stella, not my cup of tea, I don't actually like the taste all that much. I really don'y like Moa's taste in advertising, so I don't think I'll be drinking it again. Even if it's free.

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