Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lessons learned (work in progress)

The 2nd Auckland nerdnite happened last night. About the same number of people turned up though it felt like slightly fewer to me. I suspect that was because the seating was actually organised this time as opposed to being a hodge podge of seats and tables jammed in at the last minute like last time. 

I don't think it went as smoothly as the first either. Our first speaker was late, so I delayed the beginning rather than immediately swapping the 2nd speaker for the 1st. In the end it was getting to late so I did in the end, swap them. I really should have done it sooner. The delay ended up making the whole night go to late, which meant that there was a number of people who had to duck out before the 3rd speaker got completely underway - they missed a good talk.

The sound system really needs sorting out. The mikes worked fine when we tested them before hand but kept cutting out during questions and the like. The only solution I can figure for that is to work up a little set of guidelines for the speakers that includes getting them to repeat the questions. 

And I really have to work on my introductions I think. 


  1. Heh, sounds like some of the teething issues we've had over the years with nerd nite Wellington.

    And they'll keep happening sometimes, no matter HOW well you prepare.

    Just out of interest, how many people rock up? And are you taping the talks?

  2. I'm just hoping they'll get further and further between. :)

    We had a go at taping the last ones. Didn't work to well. The speaker is quite a distance below the screen which makes it tricky.

    Rough count, we've had about 60 to each of them so far.