Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beer yes, IPA? no not really.

This lunchtime I had occasion to try one of Monteith's "Brewers Series". Which I presume is Monteith's attempt at trying to appeal to the surging craft beer market. I can't pass an opinion on the porter, the wheat beer or the ginger beer. If the IPA is anything to go by, they won't really be worth bothering with.

"There’s plenty of rich maltiness from this Pale Ale and higher-kilned malt combination. The Cascade and special New Zealand hops create a fruity aroma with a dose of bitterness to drive home the hop flavour. A beer for the IPA aficionado with a distinctly Kiwi style. Perfect for a moment spent catching up with old mates."

Rich maltiness? More ... lemonadey I would have said. It's Monteith's original with a few extra hops chucked in. "Special New Zealand hops". Which ones? One of the things I suspect Monteith's doesn't get about the craft beer market is that those who take an interest in their beer, take an interest in their beer. Bland marketing blurbs do not help inform the drinker. I suppose you could describe it as hoppy. If your normal beer is the urinary extract of Mustelinae Mustela. It's not as if the big breweries can't do good beer. The Macs seasonal ranges are by and large, good and even their day to day range has some good beers, namely Hop Rocker and the Sassy Red.

It's drinkable, I'll give it that. It's not horrible. With so much other good beer coming out locally though, I don't see why you would bother drinking this. It demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of craft beer and as such, is but a pale imitation. 3/10 for the beer, 1/10 for effort.

And alcohol sites insisting on entering a birth-date? Please, it's insulting.

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