Monday, October 8, 2012

A question.

Very very quiet on the blogging front at the moment. You may have noticed if you're the sort of person who pays attention to that sort of thing. Thing is I've been writing for the past week, My literature review is due in in a few weeks time and it's time to massage that horrendous lump of text that I've been accumulating over the past year into a coherent whole. And to tell the truth, I'd forgotten how consuming writing can be. It's hard, yes, but the ability to get any enthusiasm up about anything else is, well, severely impaired.

So I'm farming my other thinking patterns out to the void. There's a festival of sorts that I'm attending in January, goes by the name of Kiwiburn. A New Zealand version of burning man, only it's in a paddock rather than in the desert. Every year Kiwiburn has a them and this year, since It's the tenth anniversary the theme is "EnlighTENment". Get it? Ten. Subtle isn't it? There's a fairly strong hippie contingent at Kiwiburn and I suspect most people attending will think of this theme in the "spiritual" vein.
I got to thinking though. The age of Enlightenment. The birth of the age of reason, the advancement of society through the use of science. It would be nice to do something to showcase that side of enlightenment. I don't know how to go about it though, the only idea I have so far would be to construct a Foucault pendulum of the power pylon that's on site. And while that would be cool, I don't really see me being able to get permission from Transpower to be able to do it. Myself and a few others are already planning on cutting a mini in half and fitting it out as a mini bar, but I don't really see that as showcasing the ideals of the enlightenment. Any other ideas?


  1. I am assuming we are going to have some sort of lighting under the geodesic dome of the minibar, this means generators, which could mean some sort of tesla coil type demonstration, which done on a big enough scale could actually be a very cool art installation piece. Just first thought that popped into my head.

  2. Which raises the question, how expensive/difficult is it to build a tesla coil?

  3. It can be done with a little electronics knowledge and luck in finding the parts you need.

    A smaller table top piece might be more affordable but apparently it will interfere with electronics and is very noisey so it needs to be isolated from the general public.

    Would look amazing sitting on top of the mini-bar though. :)

    PS: The captcha thing is next to impossible. I even tried the audio and it is WORSE?!

  4. captcha thing? I wasn't aware I had one operating. Investigations ensue.

    Into the coil building possibilities to. On top of the mini bar sounds like an interesting proposition.

  5. Probably because I am using my google account to authenticate.

    I thought it was amusing that I got a tiny image of a letterbox that was completely illegible and when I used the audio the staticy robot voice was even worse. :)

    I am worried that the spammers can apparently create image and audio recognition devices so good they require obfuscation to the point that I cannot even make out what is required...