Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One size doesn't fit all.

Neil MIller points out the absurdity of the unintended consequences of the Auckland Council attempting to get liquor stores to stop selling single bottles of beer. I agree with the post, up to a point. The removal of craft beer from the shelves would be an appalling loss for Auckland. Our craft beer scence is already years behind Wellington's. Or at least it feels like it sometimes.
The craft beer movement promotes the drinking of beer for personal enjoyment - taking pleasure in the variety of styles and flavours that can be found. This is exactly the sort attitude towards drinking that needs to be promoted in new Zealand - you don't drink to get pissed, you drink to enjoy whatever it is that you are drinking. Len's response is a complete non-answer. It may have decreased pre-loading in some areas but it's a stupid, one size fits all approach that harms the part of the industry that is trying to promote the very attitude you want to encourage. Pathetic really.
On the other hand, I have no idea why Miller veers off into a discussion about the councils Maori policies and rail loops. There has been cross over between central and government rolls, which requires clarification, though I wouldn't include the councils public transport planning in this. It's enough to point out that what the council is doing is, at least in part, counter productive.

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