Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One little thing.

Via Twitter:

Working to keep NZ GE free

This GE fixation is the one and I mean single issue that I take with the Greens. The link takes you to page where Steffan Browning chronicles his work on behalf of the Green Party to keep NZ GE free. As best I can tell, the Greens aren't strictly speaking against GE
"GE needs to stay in lab, releasing it would destroy our clean green image which is so important to our economy."
I have enough difficulty coping with the cognitive dissonance generated by a party that seems sane, articulate, intelligent and well reasoned on every other topic yet seemingly unable to understand what GE is actually is. The least they could do would be to stop using blanket dismissals of this incredibly useful tool that science uses. If they don't like it, fair enough, want it labelled, as silly as I think that is, no problem with it. For the love of bob though, I would ask the Greens to please stop attempting to characterize this piece of science as evil that must be stopped at all costs.

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