Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cue spin ....

An opinion piece in the herald today, supposedly talking about the recent judgement against the he New Zealand Climate Science Education Trust in their attempt to cast doubt upon the integrity of NIWA's researchers. It's interesting to note that it doesn't really say anything about it other than the fact that the temperature record as presented by NIWA was contested. In fact, it doesn't really say anything at all. "The science of climate change depends entirely on reliable data, quality controlled and homogenised rigorously" ... well, yeah, that's pretty obvious. "Climate services of various countries provide clients with statistical information on climatic variables that is based on long-term observations at a collection of different weather stations."... again, no surprises there. And apparently after a long and expensive court case, the NZCSET wasn't actually out to cast doubt on the NIWA's climate record at all, they just wanted to "make sure that evidence of this for New Zealanders is accurate". Indeed, their pre-court spin was: "We’re saying (and proving) they made serious mistakes in their reconstruction of the national temperature record."  Which is, if you think about it ... casting doubt on NIWA's climate record. Calling the record into question is exactly what they were doing.

The interesting part though is, I think, in the first paragraph.
"One assumes scientific analysis is objective, so it may come as a surprise that this was challenged in a New Zealand High Court case, the results of which were released last week."
With absolutely no mention of the result of said challenge. The result of course was that they got spanked by the judge and told they had essentially no credibility and no idea what they were on about.

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