Friday, August 3, 2012

Something new.

I've been something of an amateur beer geek for a while now. Very amateur apparently. I've brewed several beers from grain with a roughly 80% hit ratio. And I've waxed a little lyrical every so often, appreciative of the fact that in the last 5-10 years, it's actually been possible to get good albeit expensive beer in NZ. I'm not griping about the expense mind, it's more of an acknowledgement that I don't get to have as much of it as I would like, what with the limited funds that come attached to PhD stipends.

Recently though, I've come across two websites, one of which, as corny as this sounds, can only be said to have inspired me. Beer for a year regales us with the tales of Alice Galletly, a local novice beer geek who appears to have, by dint of much practice - one different beer a day for 1 year, to have become a serious beer geek over the past year. Serious in terms of experience, rather than demeanour (I've never met her, but her writing has humour). I like the level of dedication and obvious joy that's gone into the project. The only annoyance I have is that I've only come across the blog in the last few weeks of the mission.
And Phil Cook's Beer Diary. A entirely enjoyable read about the many and various brews you can get if you look hard.
After having wasted entirely to much time reading these blogs over the past week, when I found myself in the chiller at the beer shop last night, I found myself turning away from the shelf of Tuatara beer that I've grown rather fond of. Something new I thought. And Dad's been drinking a bit of porter lately, so I grabbed a bottle of Three boys porter. Quite nice it was, dark and chocolatey. I have a sneaking suspicion that my beer consumption might be about to drop significantly, whilst the amount I spend, remains alarmingly the same. It was a nice reminder that it's good to try something new every so often.

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