Monday, August 13, 2012

Is McCarten one of the ABC's?

That's probably a tad unfair. I suspect he's not one of the ABCS (anyone but Cunliffe). I suspect he's more of the disgusted with the whole bloody lot of them commentators. In part though, I disagree with only a small part of his appraisal of the Labour's performance (poor) so far this year. I agree that the general performance of Labours front bench has been lacklustre.  Where I disagree is that while Cunliffe might not have specifically attacked Joyce's performance over the past month (umm.... he's been on holiday for a bit), he's the only Labour front bencher that I have actually registered in the media over the past few months. Specifically with his speeches that have been outlining a coherent world-view which I sincerely hope for thoroughly doubt is shared by the Labour caucus as a whole.
So I don't know why he gets a mention. Odd, as I say. Anyway, the final sentiment expressed is accurate though. Labour need to pick up their game.
Otherwise those Greens will continue to look better and better.
Though if you think about it, that sentiment has been accurate for how long now? A couple of years? If not for teh presence of Cuniliffe, I would have completely given up on Labour quite some time ago. Not that I'm particualrly for them at the moment. I just have written them completely off. Yet.

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