Friday, August 17, 2012

Curiouser and curiouser.

So I'm watching a TV series at the moment, by the name of Continuum.  Canadian sci-fi and not a bad one. The premise is that in 60 years or so in the future, the governments have failed and essentially been taken over by corporations. There's some terrorists who escape execution by travelling back in time accidentally taking a cop with them. A chase ensues over the course of the series. So, not bad as far as sci-fi plots go, not hugely original, but well executed.
Here's what I find interesting though, is that the bad guys, the terrorists are "anti corporate". And if that's all they were in the (not particularly dystopic) future, fine, they would just be generic anti-authority bad guys. There are very obvious links being suggested however been the anti corporate terrorists of tomorrow who are willing to blow up thousands to kill 20 twenty people and the grass roots organisation of anti corporate protests today (travelled back in time to 2012 remember).
By itself, possibly something to wonder at. Did anyone else though, notice that the bad guys in the Dark Knight Rises, the latest batman film, were using the language of the 99% protesters? i.e. "free yourself from the oppression of the ruling elite". Continuum is never going to get the exposure that Batman had, it will be interesting over the next year or I think, to keep an eye out and see if this is something that is slowly creeping into the culture or whether I'm imagining it. It's quite possible I am, though I'm wondering what the implications we do get more shows like this*

*No, I'm not suggesting there is some huge arsed bollocky conspiracy afoot.

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