Thursday, August 9, 2012

And another one.

A speech from David Cunliffe that is. From a few weeks ago yes, but given the recent kerfluffle over the asinine Duncan Garner article, relevant. There is little in this speech to find fault with - I'd possibly disagree with representation of Australian wages being high because the government superficially values the workers - my take is more that it's the miners are loaded and are bumping the average up. having said that, I'm not an economist who follows these things absurdly closely. Apart from that though, no major qualms with this speech.
I have no idea what goes on internally at the Labour party caucus meetings, but Cunliffe in this and elsewhere does not present as someone who is causing trouble and sowing dissent within the party. He presents as someone who is doing the work and is being supportive of his parties leadership. So the two images we have are of unamed party sources backstabbing a fellow party member and a party member who, despite having lost his bid to become leader of the party, continues to work, put forth principled arguments and support the leadership. Guess which of those two roles seems more statesmanlike?

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