Friday, August 10, 2012

A laugh a minute (it's that or cry)

It seems sometimes that our police do not go out of their way to cover themselves in glory. If you're worried enough about someone resisting arrest in a violent manner and destroying evidence, to the point where you're willing to get the special tactics group in and go running through a house with armed police then the least you should be doing is having a bloody good look at the floor plans of the place you're raiding. Ignoring the plans is not tactics. It's slapstick. 13 minutes to find your target? And then only with the help of the bodyguard? If there was any truth to the notion that Dotcom had a device ready to wipe all the servers data in minute, then they obviously weren't taking it seriously. Every time there is a court hearing on this, it just looks more and more like another depressing cock up by the police. <sigh>

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