Sunday, July 29, 2012

Well that's torn it then.

So I've got speakers and a venue confirmed for the first chapter of Nerdnite in Auckland. About which, I have to say, I am quite pleased. Quite nervous as well though.

August the 14th, Nectar Bar in Kingsland. Beer. Food. Talks for the public geek. We have Siouxsie Wiles, a microbiologist an bioluminescence enthusiast. We have Thomas Lumley from - and I have to say I was quite pleased when he sent me the title of his talk: Science in the media: can pointing and laughing help? I do a lot of pointing and laughing at science reporting in a variety of media (you have to, it's either that or die a little nit inside every day), while it may help me cope it'll be interesting to see whether it helps in the greater scheme of things. And there's one more speaker, who I'm waiting on a confirmation email from. All in all, should be a good evening though. 

So. Come along if you're in Auckland. Details are on the facebook page, and will shortly be up on the Auckland Nerdnite page

Rock on.

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