Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A thought - not an evil one.

One of the comments this opinion piece in the herald (the IT editor thinks that Apple is become a bit of a bully) got me thinking. Someone contrasted it with Google (sarcasticly I presume), with Google being the other all pervasive entity on the blocks these days. Especially ironic apparently given Google's tag line of don't be evil". Which got me asking is it possible to be all pervasive and not evil. Does access to that much data automatically make you evil? My initial reaction is no, not necessarily. For me, for Google to cross the evil line, they would have have to stop being able to admit they were wrong. Yes they've bollocked things up a few times, and not always admitted it. Still, they appear to be able to admit they're wrong. This doesn't make them the good guys, but I'm not so sure they've crossed the line into evil. T'would be interesting to hear what others think.

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