Friday, July 20, 2012

Sort of right for a Friday.

Though sadly I won't be making one this evening - don't have the rum at the moment <sad face>. So there's this chap called Jeffery Morgenthaler. Amongst cocktail geeks he's a bit of a legend. I'm rather fond of him for a couple of reasons, though primarily because he can talk about cocktails without slipping over into the pretentiousness that can so easily afflict bartenders when they actually get to know their craft. Also, he writes well, though nowhere near often enough. He offers a snippet today on How to Not Fuck Up a Daiquiri. While this may not seem important to you, it is to me. I'm rather fond of the classics. Or rather the simplicity of the classics.Some of the flashy drinks with 8 different ingredients can be nice, don't get me wrong. It's hard to beat having just 2 or maybe 3 flavours that naturally fit together in the correct proportions to create pure loveliness.

A martini with all sorts of weird flavours in in is just as bad as the ones some idiots serve up with barely a whiff of vermouth in it. Daiquiri's are lovely lovely drinks - not the big things in a blender with lots of fruit (though I will admit I used to called that a frozen daiquiri), that should more accurately be called a icy/fruity/alcohol drink. Nice, but not a patch on the original daiquiri. 3 ingredients, a nice rum, some fresh lime and some simple syrup. <sighs wistfully>

Now go and spend your Friday working and occasionally stopping to think about having a daiquiri when you get home.

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