Friday, July 20, 2012

She turned me into a newt!

And while you're contemplating that Daiquiri that's only a few hours away, also contemplate this: researchers have now (in vitro) been able to coax HIV out of hiding so it can be eliminated.One of the big problems with HIV is that once it's in, it stays in. It settles down into the patients DNA and waits. There's no way for the immune system to get in, activate and excise the virus DNA and then attack it. Now, we've got scientist looking and succeeding in finding ways of reactivating selected bit of DNA.
This is not a cure. It's not even in clinical trials. It is absurdly cool though. So if you feel like a bit of optimisim as you head home for the day, think about what scientists are now capable of doing that we had no idea how to do 20 years ago, had no idea it was even possible 50 years ago and 200 years ago would have got someone accused of witchcraft.

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