Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not understanding. Really not understanding.

For the record, this is primarily about me not understanding something. A few days ago I commented on a post about Julian Assange of wikileaks fame. I haven't followed the case in detail so there may be some obscure legal reason, but as one of the other comments said, why is there a fear that Sweden will more readily extradite Assange to the US than the UK would. There's a much bigger history of extradition between the US and the UK.
So the general gist of the comments I made was that Assange should go back to Sweden to answer questions and if need be, stand trial. Good works in one field do not cancel out unrelated crimes. You don't (or shouldn't) let a child abuser off because they work tirelessly to feed the homeless.

I will admit that the QoT (the post's author) uses strong language and plenty of invective. Can put some people off I suppose, but it doesn't usually get in the way of the sense that she (mostly) talks. The tone of the comments had been polite I think. I would have thought that given it had been noted that the commenter's did not know why it was more likely that Sweden would extradite Assange than the UK, then it would have been an opportune time for someone to enlighten us as to the obscure point of law that we had been missing. Instead (and I'm putting this behind the jump because it's unpleasant) we got this massive, massive disconnect:

From a commenter going by the name Tsmith (doesn't tell us much, I know)
What a sorry, shrill piece of shit you really are. You obviously know nothing about the false accusations against Assange, nor the despicable scheming of Swedish politicians in concert with US officials to decapitate Wikileaks. If you had any guts, which you glaringly lack as a scornful misandrist, you’d allow comments that disagree with you – which, of course, you don’t. It would be a great favour to the world if you were to let your uterus dry up and spare us all the misery of having to suffer dealing with your hate-filled spawn.
 Seriously, how can you write something like this, something accusing someone of being full of hate whilst being oblivious to the hate dripping from almost every word? I seriously don't get it. Apart from being disturbing to read it's just so damn hypocritical that I find it difficult to believe that anyone can be so oblivious to their own self comforting biases. I know this sort of thing is out there, I know Rebecca Watson of skepchick and Greta Cristina amongst many others have been talking about (and getting a lot of) this sort of shit for a while. The forums where I comment though, the worst trolls I usually are those who deny reality - people who don't believe in evolution of climate change or other solid science. I don't normally see this sort of ... unpleasant cack. And it's disturbing.

If you read that comment and have any remote pretension towards being someone that I would consider a decent human being, I presume you are now disturbed. My apologies.

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