Thursday, July 26, 2012

Courses to the left of them, courses to the right of them.

It's not brand spanking new, but for some reason over the past week, from about 5 different directions Coursera has appeared on my radar. It's a bunch of open courses run out of a collection of (some pretty good) universities in the states, Stanford, Duke, John Hopkins, the list goes on. I've been humming and hrring about these - is it worth the time that I would have to take away from other activities to do them. I am going to give it a go I think though, at least to see what I get out of 1 or 2 courses. A lot of the ones that I would have chosen have already started, so I ended up with a R course (data analysis) to brush up on a few things, Drugs and the brain because it sounds interesting and the Introductory Human Physiology, again, just because it sounds interesting. There's some interesting humanities courses there as well, though the ones that seem most interesting haven't got a scheduled date yet, so I'll leave them be for now - don't want to have too much on my plate.

I'll keep a track of how they go before offering a deifnite opinion. On the chance that they are good courses though, I would recommend the Introduction to Genetics and Evolution. Just becuase it's something I think everybody should at least know the basics of. If anyone does have a crack at it, I'd be interested to know what they think of it.

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