Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I've not dropped to many hints on the blog (I think), or at least, not for a while, but I am a fan of beer. I wasn't particularly until I came back from England and Germany. I went from decidedly average NZ beer (Macs gold iirc) to drinking some superb ales in England and Lagers in Germany. I never really appreciated them though, until I got back to New Zealand and found there was .... nothing. A desolate wasteland of beer. Happily, things have changed. And while it's a tad more expensive, there are actually some good beers around these days. Though for some reason that I haven't quite figured yet, most of the good breweries tend to be clustered around Wellington or Otago.
We've got Hallertau up here in Auckland, but it's by no means common. The good breweries aren't making enough beer yet. And with the breweries all down the line, we run into some supply problems. Take Tuatara. Currently far and away my favorite New Zealand brewery. I had to start making trips to Wellington just to find out that they're making a superb belgian style called Ardennes. And since they ship to a distributor in Wellington with Auckland getting what's leftover after the Wellingtonians have had their fill, it requires special ordering to get it to Auckland. Their APA is a delight, but in Wellington, you can buy it buy the flagon. It's enough to make you spit. The frustration. <sigh> 

I see this :

And they have no idea if/when it will get to Auckland. It's just not fair.

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