Friday, July 6, 2012

An oddly quiet week.

I'll probably be proved wrong in a short number of minutes after I post this, but for a busy week, there's been very little that has moved me to write. Locally there's been a lot of discussion about education, there's been a murder trial with an unexpected (by some) result, which I didn't follow. And seriously, the speculation of "how he got away with it" from around the coffee table on Thursday was just ... painful. I signed up to twitter for a look. So far it looks like it good for following public conversations that other people are having.
Internationally, we got the discovery of the Higgs boson, which was just absurdly cool. It's not my field though, so while I think I have a working knowledge of what it means, it's not my place to try and explain it. There's enough bad reporting on the matter without me confusing things further.
And I've managed to confirm my first speaker for Nerdnite -Auckland

As I say, lots of stuff happening and little of it has actually moved me to write. Odd.

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