Monday, June 4, 2012

Telling stories

I managed to catch up with Elizabeth Connor in Wellington this weekend just past. I was a fun couple of hours (that had nothing to do with the mulled cider). She runs a science communication event called "tell us a story" out of Victoria university. She is trying (and I really really hope she does) to bring it to Auckland sometime soon. Anyway, we sat down and had a talk about talking science, something, you may have noticed, I'm quite keen on.

I'm hoping, sometime in the next couple of months, to start a version of Nerdnite in Auckland, for which I'm going to have to brush up on my public speaking skills. So we talked about both the general principles of science and the work that I'm doing at the moment. With Elizabeth's expert modeling of my wild ramblings, something coherent actually emerged. So I think I've got the basics of two talks down. Much work to do polishing them, but I've got a couple of months to prepare. <small amounts of glee> hoping they'll do the trick.

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