Saturday, June 9, 2012

Support from the past.

So yesterday I linked to a post by Greta Cristina where she was both accepting the criticisms that go along with being a bit of a food snob while at the same time wondering how the basic values associated with eating from local, fresh, seasonal produce that is supplied by fairly paid workers has gone from being a core value of American (and I would argue, most societies) to being something pretentious that the hippies do.

This afternoon I've been flicking through some old Anthony Bourdain shows, the No Reservations ones. He spends a bit of time in London town, talking to chef called Fergus Henderson. Fergus is big on eating the entire animal. The observation was made that a lot of offal, which used to be the food the poor eat, kidney's, liver, marrow, blood, are no longer generally eaten by society at large. It's the posh restaurants that are taking it all. I see that happening here, there's a bistro in town called depot, which is the first place in a long long time that I've seen serve marrow bones. And they're not cheap. Which quite nicely supports Greta's thesis.

I'm not complaining mind, at the butcher shop, offal and the various other throwaway cuts are still cheap. I'm quite fond of liver and bacon (my grandad used to cook a superb liver and bacon), steak and kidney pies. I've taken to rendering the fat out of the marrow and using them to fry chips in, all of which, with a little bit of time makes for some tasty, tasty meals.

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