Thursday, June 7, 2012


And then there's Claire Trevett's column in the opinion pages. Nicely summarized by Sanctuary in the comments at the Dim Post.
"she has written a load of lazy tosh clearly formed from the valuable insights she gained whilst interviewing herself during her morning shower."
It could also be summed up as don't disturb our rush hour traffic with protests you silly students because we will all hate you. This idiotic argument is dragged out time and time again against protests. People protest because no one is listening. If enough people protest, then at least the things being protested get talked about. If you leave to the lazy arsed media in this country, a lot of important things don't get talked about because there's a large proportion of them (the media) that falls time and time and time again for "The Paula Bennett Diversionary Sideshow". Telling protesters to go home because they are inconveniencing you is a lazy, contemptuous answer from people who don't want to engage with the topic being protested. Protesters would go home if all was well. The fact that there are sufficient protesters to cause a disturbance to society as a whole is an indicator that all is not well and those obliviously going about their lives should be stopping and thinking about more than just getting home in a timely fashion.

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