Friday, May 18, 2012

Eat more beans

Went to a talk today, a chap called Professor Henry Thompson from Colorado talking about the role of nutrition in the prevention of cancer. Good talk, the superficial message coming out of it was eat more beans. The bigger message was more about the importance of communication -as in there's a lot we know about nutrition that would help prevent cancers (no guarantee mind, we're talking on population levels here) but the public just aren't aware of them. Or not aware enough of how it all works. The example being certain foodstuffs that are good for you. To little and you have a deficiency, just right and it's all good, but to much and it all goes out the window. As in more is not necessarily better. This is, I think part of why I want to be able to communicate my science better, the world is not black and white, simple answers are not usually the best and as much as the media would to think no one can be bothered to take the time to understand so that they don't have to take the time to understand things themselves before writing about it, I think people are capable and do want to know. It's just that currently, the information isn't being communicated. And people aren't eating enough beans.

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