Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Things are looking up.

So occasionally I mention food. Normally when I'm horribly disappointed by it. Like most of the (few) times I've been to Kiwiana for fish and chips. Seriously, don't go there. However, in Kingsland town, there's a new kid on the block. We have a new Thai restaurant/takeaways, called Bangkok Cafe. It's worth it.
I'm aware that the days of good sub-$10 meals is long past. In Kingsland at least, there has been a dearth of even approaching cheap, good food though. Most of the restaurants round here are at the $20 for a mains mark. Which in the case of Canton, is fully justifiable, but for most of the others not so much. Handmade, I suppose does a decent burger, but for a burger, it's still in the pricey range. Kiwiana - cheapish, but not so good.
Bangkok though, there's a good selection, even for the wegetarians, it's $13 for mains with rice. $11.50 for the mains with noodles. And the food is nice. As in really nice. Could possibly do with a tad more chili, but they've got their flavors spot on quite frankly. Well worth a trip, I'd rather like people to wander along and try it. It's in a spot that hasn't traditionally done well for the various cafes that have been there previously and this is one food stop in Kingsland I don't want to see disappear.

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