Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A modicum of optimism

So I've been a little distracted today. I came across this yesterday. The site is called data driven journalism and I have to say, it causes me to feel some optimism. Not a huge amount, but enough to actually register. It's a set of tools, resources and teaching aids to help journalists make sense of the large amounts of data that governments are making available. Think about it for a moment. How good would that be? Journalists with the skills to actually make sense of and find good stories in the masses of data available.

I'm not over the moon, because I don't know of any New Zealand journalist participating in such endeavors. Having said that, it's opened a few doors for me, as in, if you dig for a bit there definitely New Zealand related data stores in there. I'm not entirely sure how deep I'll end up digging or even if I'll find anything interesting but at the least it will be providing me with a few evenings worth of entertainment.

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