Saturday, April 21, 2012

Little things big things.

Hot on the tail of yesterday's cool stuff happening with very small stuff happening, I bring you cool stuff happening with very large stuff. there was talk a while back of the asteroid Apophis. It's a large asteroid that will be passing earth by sometime in 2029, close enough that it will be under the satellites that we have in geo-synchronous orbit. In space distances, that's very very close. It's unlikely but if it passes through a certain keyhole of space, then there's a good chance it'll be back to hit us in 2036.

Anyway, one of the suggested solutions for averting this was that we should actually try and steer it into orbit where we could mine the sod. Which, personally, I thought was a grand idea. Now there's people looking at steering other asteroids to earth orbit, bot for study and for mining purposes.What's even cooler is that essentially, the technology already exists. It's just a case of marshalling the resources, it's an engineering problem now, not a scientific one.

And even better, it would give us a much bigger presence in space, something I think we need to do, so we can learn more about what we need to do and give us the infrastructure to start planning manned missions to Mars and the rest of the solar system. Then all we need is a space elevator.

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