Sunday, April 29, 2012

Interesting. ish. In a, cautious, hopeful sort of way.

the Queen of Thorns has been railing lately (and justly so) at the lack of vision present in the speeches of New Zealand politicians in general and in Labour politicians in particular. This speech from David Cunniliffe isn't, I suspect, going to make her any happier. It's not bad. Or at least, the structure is not bad. I've got no video of it so I have no idea what the delivery was like. The content on the other hand, I think is good. It suggests to me that there are some senior Labour politicians who can see the world clearly, that neo-liberal market strategies are not the solver of problems that their supporters like to present them as. It does leave me wondering why this sort of message doesn't come out of Labour more often or in the bigger headline speeches. He evens seems to get that it wasn't a whole bunch of people deciding to vote National that lost Labour the election, that rather, it was a whole bunch of people who decided to not vote all (specifically not voting for Labour). The sooner the Labour party strategists get that through their heads the better.

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