Thursday, April 26, 2012

Misdirection from fear

Australia has it's share of politicians who are denying the science behind climate change. Via Open Parachute, Naomi Oreskes, whilst talking to one of them, one Nick Minchin (I wonder if he's any relation to Tim Minchin, I'm sure Tim would be horrified). It's an interesting view, namely that a decent chunk of the deniers are attacking the science because they don't want to confront the consequences of climate change.

Which to me sounds like fear. I don't think it's fear of the costs. A decent chunk of the numbers that I've seen suggest that a lot of the measures needed to control climate change either save money or are opportunities for new industries. Which suggests to me that it's fear of actually doing the work. Fear of getting stuck in and doing the work. The politicians - and I do think it's the politicians, I've seen sufficient arguments from various engineers who think that the technology to switch to a low carbon economy exists now and that it just a matter of scale that requires political will - are comfortable, content even with the status quo. They are afraid of facing up to the consequences of our actions.

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