Friday, March 2, 2012

Paul Henry, Paul Holmes, free speech etc etc etc.....

Having a go at the shoddy tactics of intelligent design proponents is not particularly uncommon at The Panda's Thumb. This post continues that fine tradition, though with some verbiage that gets across a point I continually make and am usually forced to re-state every time we get unpleasant rants from the like of Henry and Holmes. This is a particularly nice rendition of the point though :
“The right to free speech does not mean that the government, the schools, or any particular private institution or publisher are required to promote my views. Nor does criticism or rejection of my views amount to a violation of free speech.”
If the government imprisons you or bans your book, that’s a violation of free speech. The government, schools, museums, publishers, etc. making decisions about what is good science and what is not, and deciding that your view is not and is unworthy of promotion with their dime and their time, is *not* a violation of free speech. It’s a simple *requirement* of these institutions successfully functioning in the modern age
Criticism and rejection of views put forward is not censorship. The rest of the article is worth reading as well but it pertains more to the conduct of those claiming to be engaged in the scientific process, rather than specifically free speech.

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