Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ignoring those not in the room.

Again with the labour moving to the right thing. It's only whispers, but what you see in almost all of the political commentary is things like this :
"For the left, the big questions seem to be 1) Can Shearer successfully go head-to-head with John Key and win over swinging voters? 2) Is the move smart MMP politics that will ensure centre-left governments?"
This one was from Bryce Edwards in a daily round up, so one doesn't really expect an in depth analysis of Labours movements. It's worth noting though, that no one is asking what Labour is doing to re-engage the voters who have stopped voting. We had something like 32% of voters who declined to do so at the last election, up from 20% at the election prior. Surely it's easier to find out why there was a whole bunch of people who stopped voting and get them back than it is to move right and potentially piss off even more of your base.
This is not the same attempting to draw votes back from the Greens. that would require a shift to the left. Staying where they are (i.e. the centre) and acting all grown up like they deserve to and are capable of being in government (like the didn't under Goff), would surely be a better strategy?

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