Monday, March 19, 2012

Feint left - feint right.

there appears to be a bit of commentary floating round following Mr Shearer's speech regarding the future of the Labour party last week. There's a number of people who aren't at all disappointed that he seems to be moving gently to the right, calling it a shift to the centre. There, the common wisdom appears to say, is where the votes are. I think I'd tend to agree with Danyl, in that I don't think labour need to move to the centre. There was a breakdown of voting patterns I saw a while ago (can for the life of me find it now sadly) that indicated that National had not gained a significant amount of votes over the last couple of electoral cycles, but that there was a significant number of people who had stopped voting for Labour. In essence, the number of National voters stayed roughly the same, but increased as a proportion of number of people who voted. It's not that Labour need to reoccupy the centre, as Danyl says, they are the centre. It's that they need to start talking to all the people who grew disillusioned with them and stopped voting.

Seriously, I wonder sometimes if the politicians/advisors ever actually look at the stats properly, as opposed to glancing at them and seeing what they want to believe.

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