Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whether you support the Tertiary education union or not, they have one thing right.

Universities are not-for-profit entities. Of course, their purpose is to make doctors, engineers and the like. However, they must also create citizens, fully-developed human beings who can tackle the social, economic, and ethical dilemmas facing our world. The market may value the former but has little use for the latter.

The TEU obviously believes that they have a role to play in keeping universities not-for-profit. I would go one further and say that this is something everyone should be working towards, not just the TEU. Students past, current and future should be worried about the qualities of their universities, even those who will never set foot in a university should be worried. universities, I think, should be able to interact with the marketplace, they provide a significant amount of the markets workforce. They shouldn't be run as a market place though. Not only the market, but society as a whole loses if education is restricted to only those things that make money. I really don't want to live in a society that is only concerned with training it's youth to make money.

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