Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shoes on a different feet.

Weighing in on the whole Paul Homes racist rant in the herald the other day. Something Morgan Godfrey has just said, specifically: "Imagine if the situation was reversed and a prominent Maori broadcaster slammed greedy Pakeha land thieves". I find it's interesting that this is exactly the phrase our red necks use they complain that someone like Hone Harawira has just said something offensive. You immediately get hit with a barrage of "what if it had been a prominent pakeha that said something offensive like this about Maori?" Well here it is. A prominent pakeha has said something equally offensive, if not more so than anything Hone's said. And the response? nada. From the Herald, we get piss poor non-apologies brushing it off as an part of their duty to "publish the breadth of opinion on major public issues."
All of which I find pretty indicative. At least as far as the herald is concerned. You're Maori, say something racist, get hounded, you're pakeha, say something racist, it's freedom of expression and opinion.

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