Monday, February 13, 2012

One has to grin.

So the latest attempt to manufacture a moral panic is coming from the dom post, instilling fear of the "hundreds of unfit teachers" in NZ schools.  Appalling obviously. Obviously. NZ's latest statistics watchdog, Statschat (well worth checking out) notes a significant lack of context in the numbers. I'll note the scaremongering, i.e. mentioning the few who actually committed criminal acts and got prosecuted for it.
Anyway. The lack of context in the numbers. There are bad teachers yes. There are bad people in every profession, in every industry. How does teaching stack up against everyone else? Not badly. Per head they get significantly fewer complaints laid against them than the police. And entertainingly, significantly few complaints than journalists. I love having people who crunch the numbers around. Unfortunately, those who use the numbers poorly, will likely never report on it, because they are the ones using the numbers poorly.

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