Thursday, February 9, 2012

Education for the poor - more pinga's and better lives all round.

Every so often one of the herald's columnist's surprises me. This time it was Brian Fallow making sense. he advocates, I think, some of the preparation that I've been wittering on about for the past couple of days in response to Joyce's ill thought out opinion piece in the herald a few days ago, i.e concentrate on poverty and bettering education so that we have a work force capable of meeting the needs of new Zealand over the next 50 years or so. There's good evidence to suggest that the quality of early childhood education makes a huge difference in long term success. Admittedly he focuses on it from an economists point of view the "crap, how are we going to make money without enough suitably educated warm bodies around rather than from it being the decent human thing to do. That's to be expected though, he's writing as an economist.

It's just a pity I think the current government lacks the leadership, foresight and intellectual capacity to cotton on to this and actually make plans based on what has been shown to work.


  1. What? Reading the Herald again?

  2. I try not to but it's hard. It's usually a good source of things to get annoyed about.